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Frost Training & Consulting, LLC has a competitive price schedule. Training classes can be either priced by on-site delivery or by attending open registration classes held regionally.

On-site audits and Written Program Development are priced by the hour and based on the scope of the work to be performed.

Training can be delivered at your site, if there are the required minimum number of students, and on your schedule.

Service is also available after the sale. For example, if you purchase a training program or safety manual, and later have questions about how to implement training, or if something new arises concerning the issue, call us and you’ll get an answer quickly and at no charge.

Our pricing philosophy is based on the principal of high-quality services and meeting the customer needs. Simply put, we do it better and we believe in giving the client the training and services that will help them be safer and in compliance with OSHA Standards.

Please contact us for a price quote or questions concerning our services.

Office: 803-359-0765

Cell: 803-609-2784