Safety Manuals & Written Programs

Safety Manuals and Written Programs

OSHA requires employers to have Written Programs for various OSHA Standards that outline how a particular Standard will be implemented and administered. These Written Programs must be specifically designed to match an employer’s work procedures and practices.

This service provides the employer with comprehensive, OSHA-compliant Written Programs that are specific to your work practices.

Along with Written Programs Services, a training matrix can be provided to identify what training must be conducted, who must be trained, when training is required, and what type of recordkeeping documentation must be maintained.

Another service that is offered are Safety Manuals that are developed based your specific needs and work practices. Safety Manuals include safety policies and identify what OSHA Standards apply to your workplace, list all required training, as well as to identify all required Written Programs. This is a valuable service to employers who may not know what OSHA Standards apply to them or how to comply with those standards.

Examples of OSHA-Required Written Programs Provided

  • Permit-Required Confined Space
  • Lockout-Tagout
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Emergency Action Plans and Chlorine Safety
  • Hazard Communication